Monday, November 28, 2011

Issue #4. Published in 2009...




















So, that was issue #4 of Finch and the Sidekicks, the only full color issue I have ever done... and ever will do!  We took a lot of time getting this one done. Kevin and I came up with the basic story line and I spent a lot of time refining and streamlining the story. Mostly, I wanted to take some time to find the look that I wanted to capture for the this book and future stories to come. Wow, I sounded like a pretentious asshole there!

While I am not 100% happy with the final look of this one, with regards to the colors, I am proud of what I was able to do with my first try making a full color book using Photoshop and Comic Life for the first time. 

Re-reading it I feel partially responsible for Charlie Sheen's downward spiral. I feel like I spoke too soon referring to his about face from bad-boy to America's favorite TV personality! 

We also take a shot at Adam West at the end of the book. I love the old Batman TV series and thought West was fantastic in it. I also thought his performance in The Happy Hooker Goes To Hollywood was nothing short of brilliant! However, meeting him a week before the release of Batman Forever at the Batmania 30th Anniversary Convention in Chicago in the 1990's was a let-down! We stood in line for three hours to have an interaction with his manager like you would a pimp and prostitute! We handed what we wanted autographed to his manager who would evaluate the potential collectibility of a West autographed poster/ action figure/ comic book/ what-have-you, ask for your cash, pass it along to West to sign, who would give you a "Hi, nice to meet you" and send you on your way. Next to being in the room when my parents were arguing, this was the most uncomfortable situation I had ever been in as Kevin erupts in a shouting tirade with West and his manager. The result was Adam West interjecting in his slow, exacting Batman voice, "I am getting tired of hearing this." One can just imaging "old chum" being tossed in at the end of the sentence.  In the end, Kevin and I bought and received our pimped Adam West autographs which are probably shoved in a drawer somewhere.

My dog is waiting to get walked, so I am cutting this short...