Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Issue #5. Published in 2010.
















Here is the last full issue of Finch and the Sidekicks. Finally, I got it to look like I want it to look! It may not be perfect, but it is the first time that I finished a book and felt 100% satisfied with the end product. 

Originally, this was going to serve as a re-do of issue #3 and partly inspired by a couple of pretentious faux-hippies I met in Lawrence, KS (also home to some very cool, legit hippies) and also by a co-worker who actually contracted worms from her dog. I am still boggled by that last part.

For now I am moving on to some other short form stories in strip form. Currently I am re-working an old college project I did for a story board and animation class. Think Dickens meets Sophocles meets Kurosawa.  After that I am doing a short piece as an homage to classic movie serials.

As of this writing, Kevin is working with a friend on a very awesome project which I am excited to see. He has also been writing another Finch story which sounds hilarious. He is a funny guy with a head full of crazy, brilliant ideas.

For now, I hope you Have enjoyed this run of Finch and the Sidekicks