Saturday, July 31, 2010

Been busy and lazy...

Howdy folks,

Sorry it has been a while. I've been hard at work and just got back from a very relaxing vacation in San Diego (no, I did not make it to the comicon). I will soon be uploading the rest of Finch and the Sidekicks #4 and soon to release #5 on this site.

BTW, it is looking likely that I will be at the Tucson Comic Convention in November... provided I am not down with bronchitis as I usually am that time of year.


Have an awesome weekend!


Monday, June 14, 2010

Free Finch comics

Alright, so I'm gonna break down and start putting my comics online. I'm learning that this is the way this business is moving for indy, self-publishers as myself.... So I will begin putting my latest issues of Finch and the Sidekicks here on my blogspot site. Most importantly, I hope you all enjoy them!