Issue #3. First Published in 2007...

Hi Folks,

Here is issue 3 of Finch and the Sidekicks. While some of the character designs are getting closer to where I like them, the overall look of the book is sloppy and crude... like the jokes! I have not read this in a long, long time until posting it here, but most of the jokes I still like. Originally the story was going to be much, much longer with the jam band having more characters involved in a sub-plot. It was also going to contain another sub-plot where Hyper-Hydrosis Man and the other super-heroes would be deployed to the US/Mexico boarder as part of the Patriot Act. But, as the last two pages show, I ran out of steam, and I had a deadline I wanted to meet to get this book done in time for the comic convention. 

Thanks for checking it out. Issue 4, the only color issue, and most likely to be the last, will be here soon. 

Have a great Thanksgiving!