Black Bat Sequel

Hi Folks,

Some time ago, I was given the great honor of working with Clockwork Comics to help create a spin-off of one of it's titles. This comic would feature the public domain, pulp character The Black Bat. I finished issue one, and was very pleased with the outcome and the experience of having produced this work, and allowing my work to be seen by a wider audience.

I was given the chance to do a follow-up piece. Sadly, work on this was slow, as I also had other personal and professional obligations. Luckily my editor was kind enough to accommodate my needs while I slowly worked to complete a new Black Bat adventure.

During that time, as I was coming close to wrapping up this project, a few hurdles were thrown into the mix. First was another publisher announcing their own Black Bat series. Fearing legal issues, my editor decided it wise to change the title character's name. This was a decision that was difficult for me to ponder, as changing his name couldn't comfortably be managed without it feeling shoe-horned into the story. However, I did manage this as best as I could, trying to get it to fit with the themes of the story I was telling. 

The next was an issue that was with the site itself. For reasons I don't feel are mine to disclose, the format of the site needed to be changed. Lastly, I received news that the site was being shut down altogether. 

Having been given permission to publish what I created on my own, I am going to be releasing Legacy of the Black Bat and its sequel here on my blog.